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Member Benefits

There are myriad benefits to the CASCPAs membership. We like to emphasize, “Networking, networking, networking!” through our in-house Member to Member Network, our Membership Directory, and further networking with other CPA Societies (NAASA, TASCPA, etc.).
But we also help members to meet the CPE requirements by regularly providing CPE seminars, and members get CPE Discounts provided by BISK Education, Inc. (Contact – Christina V. at (800) 874-7877 X 4338).
We also have group buying power, such as health insurance, dental insurance, office supplies purchasing, etc., and as a member you gain access to members who have knowledge in specialized areas, such as personal financial planning, sophisticated business management system, and others that you can lean on and rely on.

How To Join

The Chinese American Society of CPAs membership is open to both licensed CPAs (Regular Member) and college graduates who are not licensed yet (Associate Member).
The annual membership fee is $150.​
To join, please review the application and fill it out here:
Membership into the exclusive Chinese American Society of CPAs (CASCPAs) is significant, as the society was founded to enhance the professional standing of licensed accountants and to assist members by providing educational, networking, and other practice-building opportunities.
The society also continues its goal of reaching out to serve the community by providing educational programs, through seminars and articles, to aid and create educated consumers with regards to their needs in the tax and accounting fields.